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We own thousands of panels of drape and we know how to use them. Rent fabric and hardware directly from us or let our professional team deliver, install and break down for you. From rich, moody velour backdrops to airy sheer drape in a wide range of colors and heights, we’ve got just what you need to make your event space perfect.

Most fabrics are available between 8′ – 20′ heights but don’t let that limit your imagination! If you are working in a venue with high ceilings or custom drape needs, let us know. Our in-house sewing department can fabricate drape that is customized to your space. Browse our inventory below and reach out to reserve the height and lengths that you need.

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Banjo drape is a cost-effective polyester fabric widely utilized in trade shows and special events. It is known for its lightweight nature and features an open weave design. This unique weave allows light to pass through, making it unsuitable if light blocking is required. Banjo cloth showcases a distinctive textured surface with a subtle sheen that resembles woven fabric. It is an excellent choice for trade show essentials like table skirts and drapery for exhibit pipe and drape setups, particularly for those working within a tight budget.


Experience the sophistication and versatility of velour drape. A go-to fabric for event designers, our velour drape offers a stunning matte finish. With its durability, broad range of colors, and exceptional light absorption properties, velour drape is a perfect choice for a wide range of venues and event types. Transform any space into a captivating environment with the timeless appeal and adaptability of velour drape from Fabrication Events. Also available in crushed velour.


Sweeping sheer and semi-sheer drape creates a captivating display, especially when combined with warm up-lighting. With its light, airy, crisp, and clean characteristics, sheer drape is perfect for making any space feel open and bright. Our selection of sheer drape is frequently used for weddings, ceiling treatments, backdrop overlays, and more, like this custom 80' high cream sheer drape treatment at the National Building Museum.


Unleash your creativity with Tergalet Drape, a semi-opaque crushed fabric that combines exquisite texture with versatility. Our Tergalet Drape boasts a medium sheen making it perfect for swagging or a perimeter wrap. Enhancing both aesthetics and practicality, Tergalet Drape serves as a sound-absorbing element while offering versatile space division options.


Choose Satin Drape to infuse your event with elegance and color. This luxurious and versatile fabric is crafted from premium-quality satin, radiating a subtle sheen for weddings, corporate galas, and celebrations of any kind. With a wide range of colors and heights to choose from, Satin Drape seamlessly adapts to your event's theme and style. Create cascading folds, elegant swags, a stylish divider, or a ceiling treatment.


Our gold or black sequin drape is the perfect backdrop for any awards show or any other occasion requiring a little more glitz. Combine it with satin swags and thematic uplighting for a dramatic look that will look great on camera.