Find your perfect dance floor.

We offer acrylic, vinyl, and classic hardwood parquet dance floors and can accommodate a range of sizes. Acrylic or vinyl can be all black, all white, or mixed.

Please add what style you are interested in to your Wish List and include the size in the Special Instructions before you submit your reservation request. Let us know if there is a pattern we can create for you or if you would like to feature a logo or monogram! 

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faq & sizing tips

Parquet dance floors are comprised of 3′ x 3′ decks while acrylic decks are 2′ x 2′ so we can create a floor as small as 6′ x 6′ all the way up to 50′ x 50′! A general rule of thumb is to figure that 30-40% of your guests will dance at any given time. 

24′ x 24′ dance floor is generally our recommendation for an event of 270 guests assuming about 90 will dance at any given time. Smaller event? A 12′ x 12′ floor will work for a party of about 100. Hosting a big bash? A 30′ x 30′ floor is ideal for a party of up to 500.